Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Spirit


Caroline VanDam, Editor in Chief

Dear reader,

We hope you are enjoying the fall issue of The Spirit. The editors and writers put hard work and dedication into this issue and are extremely proud to share it with the entire Saint Ignatius community.

This year, our newspaper will be entirely digital and we are looking forward to doing more media platforms, like podcasts and news packages. Hopefully this will create a more engaging news experience for the whole school. The newspaper staff hope you continue to enjoy this new platform as it allows us to connect to not only fellow students, but our outside community in a much more universal way, through the internet!

The SPIRIT staff remains dedicated to delivering news you might find interesting straight to your ipad, the central source of your school and social involvement. We want to keep you informed on topical issues occurring worldwide and how current events and controversies apply to the Jesuit teachings and practices instilled in us at Saint Ignatius.

Committed to doing justice is one of the core grad at grad values at our school. By keeping informed, reading the news, and taking action, we are able to spread our love of the Jesuit tradition and education to the world, and become the men and women for others that we always talk about. Staying updated means we are able to intelligently and thoughtfully form our own opinions and take necessary action for justice throughout the world.

Intellectually competent not only means we are academically successful, but we have the ability to deal with complex issues in the world and find solutions. As Ignatians, we are a bright community and with the help of dedicated teachers and instructors, are able to read into the world’s issues and develop deeper meanings.

Finally, we are open to growth. In news, there is always controversy. Through Jesuit teachings, we become open to this discordance and don’t just strive to alleviate it. We put ourselves right in the middle to communicate these issues and learn about both sides. We are not dedicated to being right, we are dedicated to intellectual growth as one human community, united together.

Editors note: It is my final year at Ignatius, I am ecstatic to spend it sharing your news  articles with the world, happy reading and see you next issue

Caroline VanDam ‘18
Editor in Chief