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Cardinal Dolan Visits Saint Ignatius

William Dalhborn, Grace McCauley, Emma Coughlan, News Writers

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New York Cardinal Visits Saint Ignatius College Prep By Liam Dahlborn ‘20

The   students   and   staff   at   Saint   Ignatius   College   Prep   recently   had   a   once-in-a-lifetime experience when Cardinal   Timothy   Dolan,   the   Archbishop   of   New York,   came   to   St.   Ignatius   College   Prep   (SICP). Father   Caruso   arranged   the   visit   because   he   has   been   friends   with   Dolan   for   35   years.   Due to his busy schedule,   it   took  them   several   years   to   plan   the   trip   to   Chicago.  “It   brought   me   great   joy   to   introduce   my   very   good   friend   to   the   school   community,”   said  Father Caruso, Saint Ignatius College Prep’s President. He said, “One   of   the   realities   of   friendship   is   that   you   like   to   share   your   friends   with   other   friends.   Your   circle   of friendship   just   gets   bigger.

The   day   began   when   Father Caruso   picked   up Cardinal Dolan   from   the   airport   early   in   the   morning.   Caruso welcomed   him   with  breakfast   sandwiches   in the   dining   hall.   He had   a   brief   tour   of   Holy   Family Church   to   see   its   beauty   before   the   students   arrived.   Dolan   gave   an   inspirational   homily   that   challenged the   students   to   think   about   their   futures.   One   of   the   highlights   of   the   Mass   was   when   Dolan   announced a   “day   off of school”   in   recognition   of   the   generous   food   donations   by   all   of   the   students.

After   the   Mass,   he toured   the   school   and   visited   a   couple   of   classrooms   and   the   library.   Dolan spent   time   talking   and   joking   with   the   students   and   teachers.   He   even   placed   his   red   skullcap, or zucchetto, on   the   heads   of   students   telling   them   that   it   was   a   sign   that   they   may   have   a   vocation   for   higher   things.

When   Dolan   entered   the   dining   hall,   he   received   a   standing   ovation   from the   students   having lunch.   He   tasted Saint Ignatius’  French fries   and   sampled  the mashed   potatoes.   His   tour   ended   with  in   the   courtyard  where   he   blessed   statues   of   St.   Ignatius   and   St.   Teresa,   a   tradition   when   bishops visit   SICP.

Then,   he   attended   a   luncheon   with   the   board   of   trustees   and   members   of   the   administration.   In   the evening,   he   was   the   guest   of   honor   at   the   Chairman’s   Dinner.   During   his   stay,   he   had   some   free   time   to walk   around   the   city.

“Cardinal   Dolan’s   visit   exceeded   our   expectations,”   said   Caruso.   “I   enjoyed   seeing   everyone interacting   and   connecting   with   him.” Grace McCauley’s ‘18 interview with Cardinal Dolan is below

Grace McCauley’s Interview with Cardinal Dolan of New York

Q: How did you meet Fr. Caruso?

Cardinal Dolan: So here’s the scoop, it was 1982 and I had been a priest six years. I was getting my doctorate at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and I was doing my doctoral dissertation on a great bishop in the history of the Catholic Church in the United States by the name of Edwin Vincent O’Hara. I had to go research his life, and I had to read everything he ever wrote, and I had to interview people that knew him. He died in 1956 as Bishop of Kansas City, so I said I guess I gotta go there and spend ten months or a year doing all this research. Then I said, well where am I going to live? You know? I didn’t have any money or anything. I was a priest already and I said well maybe there will be a parish that would let me live there and I could help them out. A priest in Saint Louis said “Well I know! One of my buddies Richard Carney is the pastor of a beautiful parish called St. Elizabeth’s in Kansas City and I bet he would put you up. So I went there and Father Caruso was a brand new priest, only a priest for literally a couple of weeks and he was there and he and I became great friends. He had to work hard because he was the parish priest, and I had to work hard to get my homework done to get this dissertation done. But we still had a good time, everyday we would take a walk. We loved to go out to dinner, we liked to go see movies, and we liked to take a swim, there was a great family in the neighborhood who had a pool, so we had a lot in common. And we loved baseball, we would go to the baseball games so I got to know him well. We were only together for a year, but we stayed in touch. Isn’t that a blessing, the blessing of genuine friendship?

Q: How do you see Catholic education changing and developing?

Cardinal Dolan: Well you know there’s something about Catholic Education that we do not want to change, right? It’s steady, it’s reliable, it’s traditional, it’s classical, and it imparts timeless values. That’s one of the attractions, that’s why people love Catholic education. So, how is Catholic education changing now? Well, for one I think we’re much more aggressive, particularly in high school, of preparing our young men and women for college. It used to be you know, like when I was a boy, that most people didn’t go to college. So, when you went to high school that was kind of the end. Now, high school is still very important, but you’re thinking ahead to college. Secondly, things are changing because of technology. Now that’s become a standard part of learning. Thirdly, another way that Catholic education is changing is that we must be more assertive and more vigorous in our Catholic mission and identity because we used to be able to presume that most of our students came from practicing Catholic families. We can’t presume that anymore.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being the cardinal of New York?

Cardinal Dolan: Visiting our Catholic schools. I try to do it at least once a month. So we’ve got nine Catholic universities, we’ve got about 50 catholic high schools, and we’ve got 170 Catholic grade schools and I try to go to them a lot. And usually I do what we’re doing right now, I’ll come, I’ll have Mass for the kids, I’ll visit some of the classrooms, I usually have lunch with some of the benefactors and the parents and I love doing that. So that’s what I really relish doing.

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