Cheap Eats: A Rolled-Up Treat

Tasting a Thai ice cream delicacy that is taking over the States.

Cheap Eats: A Rolled-Up Treat

Donovan Powell

By exposure from the internet and peers who love to keep up with trends, everyone has heard of stir-fried ice cream. Stir-fried ice cream (“rolled ice cream” as called in America) is a treat that originated in Thailand which is made by milk poured on a steel plate and chilled to below freezing and mixed with fruits and vegetables. It started in 2009, but it did not bloom into the trend it is today until 2015, when viral videos took it from obscurity to a worldwide sensation. Thankfully, due to the proximity to China Night Cafe, students at Saint Ignatius can stop by to get a taste of this treat in only minutes.

Rolled Ice Cream Menu at China Night Café. Donovan Powell ‘18

Part of the appeal of this treat is the aesthetic quality of it. It is not just how the ice cream looks, but how one can watch it made in front of them. The ice cream is rolled into cylindrical shapes and then placed in a cup, into which different toppings can be added. I asked for whipped cream, strawberry syrup, and a strawberry Pocky stick on my vanilla ice cream. China Night Cafe offers ten different flavors for you to try with many different toppings. 

Vanilla-flavored Rolled Ice Cream with all of its fixings. Donovan Powell ‘18

While it is the same base ingredients, as a pint of Coldstone Creamery ice cream from the grocery store, there is something about rolled ice cream that gives it a unique taste. It has a much smoother texture than the ice cream you usually eat. Of course, because of the way it is prepared (frozen on a chilled plate), carving out a piece to eat with the plastic spoon they provided was a bit of work. But all of the effort was worth it. Every bite of it was heavenly when it got soft in my mouth. Next time you need to cool off after a long day at school (especially before it starts snowing), you should definitely check it out!


Vanilla rolled ice cream: 🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨/🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨

Final receipt:

Thai Rolled Ice Cream $5.79

Total: $6.50