Player One, Are You Ready?

Review on Ready Player One

Zoey Edwards, Junior Writer

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In the book Ready Player One, paper books have become a thing of antiquity as most people prefer to read ebooks. Even in school, the majority of us use our iPads to access texts we read for class. In Ready Player One, books aren’t even tangible, in paper or in digital form, they exist in a virtual reality that helps people free themselves of their dystopian existence.
It’s the year 2045, the earth has been ravaged by the effects of global warming, poverty, and overpopulation. The only escape people have is the OASIS, a hyperrealistic 3-D program created by James Halliday that simulates paradise with painstaking detail. As one can guess, Halliday became fabulously wealthy thanks to his creation and, upon his death, the question arises: who will inherit this money? As it turns out, Halliday left a puzzle within the OASIS for any user to solve with the prize being all of his fortune and his company assets. The story follows Wade Owen Watts, an underprivileged senior in high school, who is obsessed with Halliday and solving his riddle. Wade’s quest will ultimately cost him much more than he anticipated, but, with the world and his life in shambles as it, he figures that he doesn’t have much to lose.
Ready Player One was a fantastic read that called into question our society’s fascination with digital escapism without sounding preachy or forced. It combined hilarious 80s references and compelling characters, which made the book memorable. I enjoyed Wade’s blunt outlook on the world and his dry humor to the point where the book literally had me laughing out loud. It also made me question my reliance on technology and whether a place like the OASIS would really be as perfect as it seemed. Overall, I found Ready Player One a fascinating and fun book that I would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys Sci-Fi fantasy and 80s pop culture references.