MSDHS Quarterback Commits


Teddy Maiorca , Head Sports Editor

Tyler Goodman, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the quarterback of the Eagles football team, committed to Nichols College to play D-III football next year. Goodman was in his coach’s office during the shooting, hiding with two recruiters from Nichols College and three teammates. Goodman’s assistant coach, Aaron Feis, and the athletic director of MSDHS, Chris Hixon, were among the victims of the shooting. The connection he formed with the recruiters during the time they wait in hiding changed him. Goodman was not considering Nichols College, but when he saw the two men go into “father-mode” to protect him and his teammates, he decided that Nichols, a small college in Massachusetts, was the place for him. Goodman is proud to spend his next four years at Nichols and is excited for the opportunity.