Mr. Luzzi: An Ignatian Icon

“It certainly will be memorable!”


Mr. Luzzi stands by the wolf statue outside his office. Courtesy of Dan Solis '19.

Dan Solis, Junior Writer

Students who have been lucky enough to meet Mr. Jim Luzzi may know him from his long soccer coaching career, his position on the tuition assistance board, or most likely as their math teacher. What many students may not realize, however, is how time-honored Mr. Luzzi’s career is.

Since starting at Ignatius for his first job out of college, Mr. Luzzi has taught students for the past 49 years. What’s kept him here for so long? He loves the students. As his career has progressed, “the students have certainly gotten brighter and gotten more involved in things around the school,” he said.

Easily, the biggest factor in the length of his tenure has been meeting and interacting with a community of Ignatians enthused about learning on a daily basis. Nowhere is this attitude more present, he said, than with his senior classes.

“Seniors in my class… are the students who decided by choice to take another math class, one of my electives, and that desire to learn shows,” he said.

With this senior class in particular, he voiced his appreciation for their good behavior and distinctive personality. He has enjoyed developing strong relationships with many seniors.

Senior Joseph Rosales shared a memory from class last semester where Mr. Luzzi and his students talked “about colleges and where they wanted to or expected to go and joined in on applause after each student spoke.”

Mr. Luzzi
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Senior Eddie McCarthy shared a similar sentiment. He said Mr. Luzzi “is a very personable guy. He always wants to know what’s up.”

Many students mentioned their admiration for Mr. Luzzi’s teaching as well. “His open door policy has always been really helpful and I appreciate how he’s always willing to take the time to make sure all students understand their homework before moving on,” said senior Molly Nolan.

“I’ll always remember his famous ‘alright, take out something to write with,’ before every pop quiz, and when he’d make us learn the material by going up to the board and work out problems ourselves,” said senior Adrian Saldaña, fondly remembering his sophomore class with Mr. Luzzi.

One thing Mr. Luzzi hopes doesn’t stray from this senior class’ memories is “what they’ve been taught over their four years here. Those hallmarks of Ignatian education are there for a reason. Remembering those through all your decisions will go a long way in life.”

The memories don’t stop with his students, however, as Mr. Luzzi was sure to add that if there was one thing he knew about his teaching career, “it certainly will be memorable!”