Ignatian Values Day #1

Oscar Romero
Courtesy of http://www.romerotrust.org.uk/who-was-romero

Oscar Romero Courtesy of http://www.romerotrust.org.uk/who-was-romero

Angelina Galullo, Features Editor

Saint Ignatius College Prep had the first Ignatian Values Day of the 2018-2019 school year on Friday, August 31. This very busy IVD focused on the life of soon to be Saint Oscar Romero. Students watched movie clips about the life of Romero and participated in homeroom discussions about his legacy, pledging homeroom commitment for the school year. The No Place for Hate Initiative, a new program focusing on inclusion for all, was announced as well. When asked about the program, Ms. Hooper said, “Responding to the values within our Catholic Tradition, Saint Ignatius is again partnering with the ADL, one of the nation’s largest civil rights organizations.  The No Place for Hate Initiative provides a model for creating a more inclusive school environment. No Place for Hate incorporates new and existing programs with one consistent message and connects our school to a larger initiative taking place in other schools across the region and nation. These programs have the goal of promoting respect for differences, addressing bias, bullying and name-calling and/or honoring the diversity within our community.” Also, following Ignatius tradition, the new freshman class was clapped in at the first all school mass.

When asked about Ignatian Values Day, junior Lydia Sidrys said, “it was nice to learn about Oscar Romero because I didn’t know anything about him and his work before today.” Junior Abby Weiss said, “it was nice to read other homeroom pledges and see how other students and teachers are trying to improve and give back this year. I thought homeroom 213 had the best pledge though.” Homeroom 213 pledges to help underclassman instead of laughing at them. Elisabeth Paskali’s (2020) favorite part was clapping in the freshman. She said, “it’s a tradition and it is so much fun to see the freshman walk down the aisles every year.” Elisabeth explained how in homeroom 213, each student brought in food to share together to celebrate the year ahead. “It was nice to eat and talk to people in my homeroom and reflect on the day and how we are going to incorporate Oscar Romero in our own lives and in our homeroom pledge,” she said.

Overall, it is safe to say that this Ignatian Values Day was a success and a great way to start off the school year!