Upcoming Chicago Art Events



Chicago flag.

Bella Druckman, Arts and Leisure Editor

In the midst of school work, football games, and long commutes, Saint Ignatius students can still find the time to appreciate the bubbling world of the Chicago art scene that surrounds them. Even though summer is over, art festivals in Chicago have not ceased to exist. Students can visit any of the art fests listed below to fill up some spare time, learn about their city’s culture, and embrace a new side of life.

Randolph Street Market Festival (October 27-28)

  • Time: 10 AM – 5 PM
  • Place: Randolph Street Market (1341 W Randolph St)
  • Information: The West Loop will be enlivened by the various activities at the Randolph Street Market Festival. Various options, such as partaking in Halloween festivities, buying art, clothes, and foods, and enjoying music will be offered. All ages are welcome to join the fun and children under the age of 12 get free admittance.

African American Designers in Chicago: Art, Commerce and the Politics of Race (October 27 – March 3)

  • Time: 10 AM
  • Place: Chicago Cultural Center
  • Information: Seize the winter season and enjoy a cultural exposure to African American art in Chicago. The exhibit will reside at the Chicago Cultural Center for about five months, so there are no excuses for missing this celebration of African American culture. The exhibit demonstrates how African American design has changed throughout time and influenced the identity of the race.

National Museum of Mexican Art Day of the Dead Chicago (October 28)

  • Time: 3-8 PM
  • Place: 1852 W 19th St, Chicago, IL
  • Information: The Day of the Dead is approaching and attending the National Museum of Mexican Art Day of the Dead is a perfect way to honor the special day. The event will have live music, art and crafts, traditional Day of the Dead food, and ofrendas. The final showcase of the event will be an ofrenda that features the pictures of the loved ones of the people who attended the event.

Reconnecting Art and Science (October 28)

  • Time: 3:30-4:30
  • Place: Northwestern University
  • Information: Begin the art festival season by attending a seminar that adds a little education to the usual art festival cycle. Adrian Randolph will breath light into the gap that exists between science and art and the problems that persist as a result of that gap. Admission ranges from $10-20.