Future Politicians Club

Liv Brown, Writer

Calling all Ignatians looking towards a future as a politician or those who simply enjoy talking about the many political viewpoints that have swept our nation. Future Politicians Club calls for students looking for a place to express their political ideals and hear others beliefs as well. The club is open to Democrats, Republicans, or anyone in between.

Many people have been talking about the various events that have taken place in the city, country, and world. This ranges from the Van Dyke trial to threats from North Korea. Future Politicians Club talks about these affairs and allows students to have a place to express their opinions on them. Students will have a safe place to express their own views and beliefs while also being open to the views of others. The club’s founder Nastiya Shybitov started the club as a place to promote student’s involvement in politics. She explains, “With so much currently happening on the political stage, both domestically and internationally, I wanted to give students the opportunity to share their views on a variety of issues and promote student involvement in the political process.”

Politicians are leaders who stand up for what they believe and also what the people who support them believe. Being a politician is more than just trying to get your own point across, but also trying to help those who do not have a voice. A politician or a “public servant” as Merriam-Webster defines it, is beyond a single person. This person is a spokesperson and a leader. Future Politicians Club is about making students aware and providing them with the necessary resources and organizations to get involved. It helps students to get involved with their surroundings and raises them to become leaders.

The Saint Ignatius community is extremely diverse with their political views. This goes beyond a Republican or a Democrat because some students and their families find themselves somewhere in the middle. Those who want to create change in our nation should join Future Politicians club. There they will gain knowledge on how to be a better spokesperson and leader in our country. The club plans on talking about topics such as gun control, crime prevention, and the CPS system. Students can talk about the change that is being made and how it affects our world.

This club is a great addition to the long list of clubs at Saint Ignatius because it helps students who would like to create change and also allows them to be more open minded to opposing ideas. See the world through someone else’s eyes and you may find that that is the best way to change the future.