Pack Pride BBQ


Paula West

Playing bags and drinking Sprite in the parking lot of your high school? Sounds pretty American to me. Our very own Pack Pride hosted the first Ignatius Senior Night BBQ before football senior night on October 8th, 2018. Pack Pride President Abby Hurley pulled out all the stops when coordinating the USA themed event: push-pops, lemonade, pizza, and of course a banging playlist.

Wolfpack Football Fans cheer on the team with cutouts of the senior players

“The weather was perfect, and it was such a fun way to get excited for the football game” says senior Katie Flynn. Although the tailgate was open to all grades, Pack Pride feared that only seniors would come. Luckily, people from every grade level came out to enjoy the event. Sophomore boys were playing senior boys in bags (a Midwestern favorite) while multiple groups of girls soaked in the golden hour lighting, taking VSCO worthy pictures in their red, white, and blue getups. Within all of this fun, people started to realize that it was very hot for a mid-October day, but Pack Pride was prepared. Push-pops and popsicles cooled off everyone in attendance. After two hours in the sun, everyone wrapped up and headed over to go see the football team win 35-0 on their senior night.

Even the bees enjoyed the patriotic party, which Pack Pride exec board member Alana Lapitan called a “riveting display of pride within the Pack.” Everyone who attended enjoyed the gathering, and even those who couldn’t attend thought so. “I couldn’t make it, but it looked fantastic!” said senior Josh Kennelly. The first Saint Ignatius senior night BBQ was a fun activity that brought together the Ignatius community to kick back, relax, and do the three things America does best: eat, party, and play sports.