9 Questions With Mr. Mayor

Abby Weis, Sports editor

The first play of the year by Harlequins, Seussical, was a production for the books. The Harlequins began practicing in early September all the way until early November for just about every day of the week. In light of the spectacular production, Mr. Mayor, more commonly known as Liam Dahlborn, was interviewed on the production and his acting career.

First off, how long have you been an actor for and what’s your favorite part about it?

I started acting when I was six years old. I like to embrace different characters and entertain an audience.

How many Harlequin’s productions have you been involved in since freshman year?

I have been in five of the Harlequins productions since my freshman year, including three musicals and two plays.  I also have been involved in One Acts and 24 Hour Plays which were really fun.

Which one has been your favorite to act in?

Peter and the Starcatcher has been my favorite show with the Harlequins because I played one of my favorite characters of all time, Peter Pan. The play tells his backstory. I also liked it because it was an ensemble-based show that relied on everyone working together on stage.

What was the average play practice like for Seussical?

Play practice was a collaborative effort. Mr.Bellie, our director, took us through the show page by page and provides blocking. We also had special music and dancing rehearsals. Then, we practiced it all together and refine it. Everything came together with the crews hard work on the set, costumes, lighting, sound, and makeup.

If you could describe Mr. Mayor in three words, what would they be?

Quirky, Funny, Caring

How is Mr. Mayor like you? How is he different?

Mr. Mayor is like me because he has a warm heart and is funny. He is different from me because he is a parent and has to discipline a child.

Seussical had many vibrant and eccentric outfits. How many outfits did you have and what is the stress level like during costume changes?

I had four costumes in the show. The stress level was high because we do not have a lot of time to change costumes. With many ensemble numbers that feature different characters, we needed to change costumes often to tell the story.

What was most challenging about bringing the script to life?

The most challenging part of bringing the script to life was that the costumes and set were bigger than life which meant that the actors had to act bigger than life.

For students interested in being apart of another Harlequins production in the future, what words of advice would you give them on preparing for it?

My advice would be to get involved and not be afraid to try new things.