Letter From the Editors


Margaret Fleming and Teddy Maiorca

Welcome to the SPIRIT, SICP’s student newspaper! This is the first print edition of the paper since 2016, and we couldn’t be more excited to be back in your hands. We’ve spent the last few years online at sicpspirit.org, experimenting with new features like videos, polls and unlimited pictures and word counts. Our website is still running smoothly and is updated more often than we publish on print, so check it out for fresh news from the SPIRIT club and journalism class throughout the year.

This edition is also special because we are focusing on women. We are thrilled to write about phenomenal girls and women inside and outside our school community. You’ll read about female athletes, politicians, musicians, activists and more and we hope you enjoy learning about these strong and influential women with us. Some of the articles continue onto our website. To access the site, you can use the QR code within this issue, or enter sicpspirit.org on a web browser. Happy reading!