Talking The Tightwad With Kane Layng


Kane Layng ‘19 performs as Horton, the male lead in Seussical

Teddy Maiorca, Co-Editor in Chief

The lights go down, the curtain is raised, and all eyes are on one place: the stage. To some, this may be the beginning of a nightmare. To Kane Layng and his fellow Harlequins, however, this is the beginning of something much more.

The Harlequins, or the theater club of Saint Ignatius, are a group of the most talented individuals who come together to put on two spectacular performances a year; one musical in the Fall and one play in the Spring. After a successful performance of Seussical in November that resulted in multiple actor and actress nominations for The Jimmy Awards, the Harlequins will put on The Tightwad this Spring.

Lead actor Kane Layng plays Harpagon, a wealth obsessed father of a daughter and son Élise and Cléante. When asked to give a sneak peak of the performance, he explained, “Harpagon wants to marry the same woman as his son Cléante, and his daughter Élise wants to marry a servant…hilarity ensues.”

Layng has been acting with the Harlequins for all four years, and has been performing in shows since fifth grade at the Western Springs Theater and at his middle school. He will continue his acting career at Northwestern University in Evanston next year. When asked why he loves acting, Layng replied, “[Acting] is…having the ability to emulate an entirely different person, and I love that challenge.” “It’s very profound,” he continued, “ I love the fact that you could be another person and tell their story and live their highs and lows…it’s fun.”

Layng also touched on what about the character of Harpagon he likes, explaining that “this guy is a cartoon come to life. He’s really funny and I love playing over the top characters.”

Layng concluded, saying “you should see The Tightwad because it is extraordinarily hilarious. It’s a great way to support your fellow classmates, and it means a lot to have an audience.” Directed by Mr. Kevin Bellie and Ms. Mary Pat Haley, The Tightwad will not be one to miss this Spring.