Should the Walk Day Return as an Annual Tradition?

The Walk Energizes the Student Body and Helps Raise School Spirit



Annual? Great idea!

Lydia Sidrys '20

Throughout the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, Walk Day was an annual tradition, a student led fundraising effort to raise money for school improvements and operations. Students asked family and friends for pledges collecting so much money for each mile walked.  Students were encouraged and excited to raise money for Walk Day because it gave them a day off from the regular school routine. On Walk Day students could spend time outside with friends and raise money for a worthy cause. 

This year Saint Ignatius, revived the tradition of Walk Day for the first time since 2000 in honor of the 150th anniversary of Saint Ignatius College Prep. Instead of collecting pledges and money in manila envelopes, students sent links to family and friends to raise money for Misericordia.  

Throughout the packed days of the fall semester, Walk Day provided a much needed break from the normal routine of classes, homework and tests, while still being around classmates, teachers, and all members of the Ignatian community. Maddie Flynn ‘20 was excited for Walk Day as a way to spend time with classmates outside of school. Maddie said, “I was excited to spend a day with my teachers and classmates in a new environment, while raising money for an amazing cause.” Walk Day fostered community within Ignatius, as students were able to spend time outside with classmates in a relaxed setting, while concurrently helping a wonderful organization. 

Many students at Ignatius were excited for Walk Day, hoping it will return as an annual tradition. Connor Fitzpatrick ‘21 said, “It’s good to help other people, and service is important to everyone at Ignatius. I hope we can continue to do Walk Day in the future to promote different organizations.” 

Students were excited to have an opportunity to serve the Misericordia community through a fun activity. “I think the Walk Day should be an annual tradition, it’s important to serve the greater Chicagoland community,” said Montserrat Villalobos  ‘20. 

Service is an important pillar of what it means to be an Ignatian, and Walk Day is a wonderful all school service activity where the Ignatian community participates in service as a whole. As an annual tradition, Walk Day would promote community, justice, and service, while allowing students to relax and enjoy the company of others.