5 Ways to Feel Your Best During E-Learning


Tyler Martin ‘22

Who knew at the beginning of the pandemic what we would miss the most? Congregating in Tully before school, talking with friends during passing periods, free periods in McLaughlin, and pulling up ten chairs to one small lunch table. Most of us have really missed aspects of school most of us took for granted. As we all try our best to adjust to this new way of learning, here are some ways to feel and work your best at home:

  1. Stay hydrated – Many of us forget how important it is to drink water, not only for our overall health, but for the way we function. According to cnet.com, water helps you feel energized. Not drinking enough water can cause you to feel tired or sluggish. So, if you are super tired in the morning before your class but want to feel your best, chug a glass of water to jumpstart your metabolism, your mood and your brain!
  2. Work in a setting where you feel your best – Putting yourself in an area that makes you happy and puts you in a good mood is so important for our productivity. As much as we want to just lie in bed with our pajamas on, it’s important to get out of bed and go to a place where you’ll feel productive.
  3. Dress for success – Pajamas are super comfortable, they are! Unfortunately, staying in pajamas all day tends to make us feel sluggish and unmotivated, even if we’re comfortable. It’s helpful to dress to feel your best. Change out of your pajamas and put on your favorite sweats! Put on jeans if you’re comfortable in them! You could even wear a suit if that makes you happy! It sounds cliché, but when you look good, you feel good. 
  4. Limit distractions – This is a hard one, because one thing that’s different about e-learning is having the ability to sneak your phone during a class. As much as we want to respond to a text during class or secretly check Snapchat, it’s important to save those distractions for when you’re done with your work so that you’re being the most productive you can be. 
  5. Force yourself to participate – It’s easy to hide behind our screens, but we all know that participation is an essential part of learning. Isn’t this what we’re all missing so much, whether we want to admit it or not? In class, our peers’ comments and opinions greatly enrich our learning. Plus, participating is the easiest way to brighten your teacher’s day, and don’t we all need a little positive affirmation right now?