What about Finals?


Annie O’Neill ‘22

Finals are a teacher’s pride and joy–and a student’s worst nightmare. They tend to consist of hair pulling, endless notecards, and grave sleep deprivation. Saint Ignatius students tend to be well-prepared, attending free-period review sessions and spending every available minute in the math resource center. Weeks upon weeks of studying and preparation all for a five day long trek to complete the semester’s final exams. 

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic poses a new question: What about finals? Numerous schools in the Chicagoland area–Saint Ignatius included–have chosen to take an alternative route to finals. Loyola Academy, for example, has opted for a non-traditional route, with no scheduled finals. Their administration has chosen to allow certain classes to complete final projects or essays instead of a final exam. Ignatius has chosen a similar route, moving away from a traditional exam schedule. Teachers may choose to give a final exam in class or to have students do an alternative final assessment such as a paper or project. During finals week (December 14-18), Juniors and Seniors will be online Monday-Tuesday and on campus Wednesday-Thursday and vice versa for the Freshman and Sophomores. 

On the contrary, CPS schools such as Jones College Prep have yet to determine their route to finals. As CPS students are learning entirely remotely, it is predicted that administrators will choose a path similar to Ignatius and Loyola, a non-traditional approach to finals. With the twists and turns the pandemic has presented, it is no surprise that we must adjust our final exams. Even more questions are posed with this new outcome regarding finals: Which of my teachers will be hosting an in-class final exam? Will this be a blessing or a curse? Nevertheless, the resilience and drive of the Saint Ignatius community will provide comfort during the uncertain end of the semester. These may be unprecedented times, but the Wolfpack will emerge stronger than ever before.