Breaking a Leg

The Winter One Acts returned in 2021!

Emily Greenawalt ‘23

After the volatile year that deprived the Harlequins of a live audience, their return to the stage in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was a triumphant success for the cast and crew alike. But, the momentum of their Broadway-esque return does not stop there. A quick turnaround from the fall musical, the Winter One Acts took on December 8th. 

The Winter One Acts are a series of student directed performances that are entirely casted and designed by students. Each year, the acts performed are based on student interest, ranging from mysteries to slapstick comedy. One of the four acts is a student-written play composed by Aubrey Mandichak. This act in particular was dubbed “very Chicago themed” by Harlequin’s director, Mr. Bellie, and includes an aspect of audience participation.

Because the One Acts were not able to take place last year, it is especially exciting to the Harlequins to be able to return for its 7th year. Adapting to pandemic constraints, the actors will wear face shields and follow COVID-friendly guidelines. The great news is that instead of having to be livestreamed and watched at home, all students and families are invited to enjoy the show in the McLaughlin theater on December 8th. Speaking on behalf of the Harlequin’s, Daniel Bell wanted to give a special thanks to the director behind the work, Mr. Bellie: “We’re all so grateful to Mr. Bellie for helping to keep harlequins going through the pandemic. Virtual shows have so many extra moving parts, but he didn’t complain or give up once, even when he had every right to. It shows real dedication, and we’re crazy lucky to have a director who’s so passionate about what they do.”