The Student Parking Lot: A.K.A. The Warzone

The student lot has recently turned into a warzone

Anabella Van Kempen '23

Imagine pulling into the Student Parking Lot right before the bell on a W day, when a mysterious silver sedan is parked in your spot. In the Ignatius lot, students are fighting for their paid spot. 

With street cleaning, movies being shot nearby, and an increased number of students this year, it is quite literally impossible to park anywhere near school unless you are willing to give up sleep to get to school early. 

Students have started stealing whatever spot they can find. Kids are stalking spots and leaving their cars in spots that they do not have the permit for, causing a large backup in the mornings. 

Kids who did pay for their spots are being forced to circle and find street parking. If you think you’re safe because you saved your spot, you are sadly mistaken. Parents and visitors are lining the handicap spots waiting for their students, adding time to everyone else’s commute. 

Car after car is lined up all the way to the chain-link fence at the back of the lot waiting to whip into the line of cars waiting to leave. Unlucky students will wait half an hour in the lot before making it back onto the street. 

The lot has essentially turned into a warzone. Battling for spots with other students. Tussling with parents to get out before they park, everyone is an adversary on the corner of Roosevelt and Racine.