An Honest Review of the School’s Female Bathrooms

Fiona Gawne '23

Picture this: you’re sitting in class in the 250s and you raise your hand to ask to use the restroom. Your teacher says yes. You could go virtually anywhere in the school from where you stand. As a girl, you could head up to the third floor, down to the first, or even make the trek to Tully if you feel the need to stretch your legs. But how do you make such a decision? There are several key factors that play a role in deciding which bathroom to use. 


First, the Tully bathrooms undoubtedly have the biggest mirrors that are perfect for checking to make sure you’re in dress code. However, Tully is quite a hike if you’re not already there, and the lines for those coveted Tully stalls are not worth sacrificing 15 precious minutes of free time or raising suspicion with your teacher.


Instead, you consider going down to the first floor bathroom. The freezing Chicago climate gives you pause; do you really want to risk braving the elements of the perpetually open window in the first floor girls’ bathroom?  Now, that may seem a bit dramatic, but can certainly impact your bathroom experience.


Process of elimination leaves the third floor girls’ bathroom. Aside from the occasional unpleasant smell, the third floor bathroom has arguably the shortest lines and the best spread of posters to peruse while you freshen up. With all that being said, choose whichever bathroom you like, please remember to wash your hands, and also, enjoy the incredible work of VOW and their free supply of sanitary products.