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Students outside at lunch. Courtesy of Fiona Gawne.

Con: Lunch Outside

Anabella Van Kempen '23 January 6, 2022

Ignatius students can all agree that eating outside is a gift. The field and bleachers are buzzing everyday. How could there ever be a downside to lunch outside? Ms. Lonergan completely agrees that lunch...

Sebastian Alvarez 23 enjoys a game of football during outdoor lunch in September. Courtesy of Fiona Gawne.

Pro: “I Feel Like I’m in a Coming of Age Movie”

Fiona Gawne '23 January 6, 2022

As students, we attend seven fifty minute periods a day. For someone with a full schedule, that doesn’t allow much downtime. The only break that many students get all day is a twenty-five minute break...

Con: “Totally-Vaccinated Population is Not Necessary”

Mercedes Curran '23 January 6, 2022

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, any private institution is within its legal rights to require its members to be vaccinated, and any local or state government is allowed to...

Pro: Should Vaccines be Required?

Olivia Mikucki '23 January 6, 2022

With both students and staff excited about a new school year, the administration is often faced with the burning question, should we mandate vaccines? Since December 14th, when the first vaccine was administered...

How Far is Too Far?

Spirit Staff January 6, 2022

It’s no secret that social media encourages its users to perform crazy stunts in the hopes of getting famous—or infamous. However, we may be reaching the point where we have to ask ourselves if losing...

Bottled Frappuccinos, sold at many stores and in the Saint Ignatius cafeteria.

Are Frappuccinos and High-Schoolers a Good Mix?

Erika Lenhardt ‘23 May 2, 2021

Let us take an intermission from coronavirus news and politics for a brief moment and shift the topic to a beverage that we all love: Starbucks Frappuccinos. A Frappuccino is blended coffee combined with...

Flowers and posters left to honor Sarah Everard.

How Sarah Everard’s Death Prompted a Plea for Change

Faye Taylor ‘22 May 2, 2021

Grieving for strangers is an unusual concept — we do not know them, yet they feel so familiar. 97 percent of women across the United Kingdom have unwillingly related to Sarah Everard over the past two...

Spending a snow day outside has always been a treasured pastime for many students.

The “New Normal” and What it Means for the Future of Snow Days

Alaina McGill ‘22 May 2, 2021

Since the beginning of quarantine in March 2020, our online capabilities have grown, allowing students to attend full classes and complete assignments from the comfort of their own homes. Platforms like...

Our New 9am Start Time Should Become the Norm

Our New 9am Start Time Should Become the Norm

Ava Garibay ‘22, Op-Ed Editor March 1, 2021

Although this school year has been disappointing in more ways than one, the biggest silver lining of the year has definitely been the late start time. Teachers and students alike can agree that one hour...

Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: a History of Misinformation

Coco Pietsch ‘21 February 17, 2021

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been making headlines as her social media posts supporting and spreading conspiracy theories have resurfaced. A member of the Republican Party, Greene challenged...

The American Legislature.

A House Undivided

Galeta Sandercock ‘22 and Daniel Bell ‘22 February 17, 2021

The Pros of Democratic Legislative and Executive Branches Joe Biden’s electoral victory in November 2020 ensured that executive power would shift back into the hands of the Democratic Party. Then,...

The great debate: colored or white lights?

Christmas Controversies

White or Colored Lights? As the winter season arrives, we are reminded that nothing signifies holiday comfort and cheer like a beautiful display of Christmas lights. Families and friends prepare for...

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