An All-Encompassing Guide For Freshman . . . Almost

Will Hoey '23

Learn to walk: Walking should be done at an appropriate pace. It is not a sprint, not a shuffle. There is no reason for all of us to shuffle along at a turtle-like pace. At the same time, I do not need to see you sprinting a 100-meter dash to your English class. 

Respect the stairs: The signs next to the stairways are not recommendations. They are rules. During any passing period, you should not even think of going up the wooden staircase, nor going down the iron stairs. 

Every day at least a dozen kids decide to walk down the iron stairs from the second floor to the first floor, chaotically disrupting the flow of foot traffic. 

Use your lanyard appropriately: Lanyards are a great way to help increase school security. That being said, you do NOT need to wear your lanyard outside of school. 

Taking the 157 CTA bus — lanyard away. Walking through Union Station — lanyard away. Eating with friends at Subway — lanyard away. School security needs to know you are an Ignatius student, not the whole world. 

Doors = Right: Nearly every single hallway door at Ignatius is a double door. No matter the circumstance, always go through the right door. I see it happen at least twice a day: someone mindlessly drifts towards the left side of a door. Then, bam! Nailed by the door as somebody is coming the correct way through the doors on the other side. 

By no means do we want to knock you out with a door, nor do we, ourselves, want to be hit with a door. Stay safe. Protect yourself. Use the right side of a doorway.

Conversations in the halls: Passing periods are a fantastic way to socialize with friends. However, when you do, you must do it in a way that does not clog the hallways. If you are walking, walk at a normal pace. You do not need to slow down to gossip. 

Furthermore, if you have already arrived at your classroom, you do not need to huddle up across the hallway, cutting off half of the hallway. 

The same is true with your iPads. Know where you are going before you leave your class. You should not check it in the halls. Being on your iPad in the halls is like texting and driving: unsafe. It would be a shame if you got in an accident while on your device.

Respect the Hierarchy: All of upperclass students were once underclass students. I know that it is hard to believe that big, bad upperclassmen were once in your shoes, but we were. One day, you will be in our position as well. The most basic underclassmen duty is respecting the unspoken seating order in major gathering spots around campus. 

Stop acting like animals: I did not think I would need to say this, but somehow I do. Clean up after yourselves. Stop leaving your trash in Tully. The Deans, Quest workers, and cleaning crew are not your personal assistants. Put your trash in the trash can. 

In Foglia and Brunswick, be quiet. Also, do not play the Samsung sound or the ringing noise (you know who you are). That was funny for approximately 1.6 seconds. Now, it is  annoying. Don’t do it.