The Spirit

Hockey Hair

Cameron Kasmala April 4, 2023

  Shiny, silky, long, and flowing. Whether you call it cheddy, lettuce, flow, salad, or just simply hockey hair, it grabs your eye. On almost every team you play there is at least one player with...

Orchesis Success

Brooke Ghaly April 4, 2023

The house lights in the McLaughlin Theatre dim and the curtain opens, revealing a cluster of teenage girls closely huddled on the stage. Each one is carefully placed in formation, standing incredibly...

The Long Haul

Betania Demisse and Julia Perez March 6, 2023

The long-anticipated Christmas break came and went, but it seems like the students of Saint Ignatius aren’t going to see another extended break anytime soon.  With seniors preparing for graduation,...

5 Minutes to 50 Miles: A Peek at Ignatius Commuters

Sydney Ahler and Cam Conroy February 24, 2023

Trains, planes, and automobiles: how many did you take today? Whether 10 minutes or an hour, commuting is a part of daily life for many students. Ignatians call 130 zip codes, seven counties, and two states...

Sophomore Course Selection

Emma Hurley February 8, 2023

With 10th grade quickly approaching, freshmen must already begin to select next year’s courses. Most of the decisions involve honors language, math, and/or chemistry. Some ambitious geometry students...

The Logic of AP Computer Science Principles

Haley Fitzgerald February 8, 2023

Saint Ignatius College Prep students are able to take Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles as an elective starting their sophomore year. This class teaches students about the basics of computers...

Breaking Gender Boundaries: Voices of Women English Class

Brooke Ghaly February 8, 2023

What do Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, and Toni Morrison have in common? They all have a spot in the curriculum. That is why Ms. Schmiedeler is proud to teach Voices of Women, an English elective course...

Religion 4: Discipleship and Social Justice

Charlie Hynes February 8, 2023

During a students’ Senior year at Saint Ignatius College Prep, they have the opportunity to choose a religion class. This allows for students to partake in a religion class that suits and interests them....

A Sneak Peak at Modern European History AP

Julia Perez February 8, 2023

According to Sister Maria Canisius, “Students who love wild and true stories,” are sure to enjoy Modern European History AP. Starting with the Renaissance and ending with the Cold War, this class covers...

Project Damen

Mia Gentile and Josie Allie December 5, 2022

With freshmen eating in Damen Hall this year, lunch is looking a bit different. One could think that Damen Hall has everything a freshman needs to have a pleasant lunch experience. It may have beanbags...

Homecoming: Then vs Now

Homecoming: Then vs Now

Moria Grant and Brigid Iannelli December 5, 2022

The mention of homecoming can bring about a multitude of emotions for countless American high schoolers. On one hand, it is an exciting social experience with activities that often extend beyond the...

Passing Period Problems

Betania Demisse December 5, 2022

With over four hundred new freshmen this year, the hallways have been more packed than ever. From getting to class at 7:55 AM to trying to leave the school at 3:00 PM, students are struggling to navigate...

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