The Spirit

Protests in Peru: Why a Change Was Made to Summer Trip

April 4, 2023

One of the opportunities that the Language Department at Saint Ignatius College Prep offers is the chance to travel to a different country over the summer. This year, the Spanish faculty originally planned...

Third and Final Summit IVD Promises Personalized Experience

Eleanor Rossini March 8, 2023

In 2015, the Vatican published Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si, meaning “Praise Be.” This encyclical focuses primarily on ecology and environmental justice. It also reminds humanity that everything...

The Long Haul

Betania Demisse and Julia Perez March 6, 2023

The long-anticipated Christmas break came and went, but it seems like the students of Saint Ignatius aren’t going to see another extended break anytime soon.  With seniors preparing for graduation,...

Seniors Gear Up for First Time Voting

Lizzy Nejman February 24, 2023

As Chicago continues the race to elect its newest mayor on February 28th, new voters at Saint Ignatius get ready to vote for the first time. The race is currently in full swing, with two debates the week...

Canned Food Drive

Lizzy Nejman February 8, 2023

Throughout the week of January 9th, a few half-filled boxes sat in the Link of Saint Ignatius College Prep in Chicago, as hundreds of students walked past them each day. For the Spirit Week leading up...

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From the Lakefront to Arlington Heights

Danny Semenak December 5, 2022

Since 1971 the Chicago Bears have called Soldier Field their home. Countless wins, losses, memories, and traditions are synonymous with the Bears organization and synonymous with Soldier Field. However,...

Passing Period Problems

Betania Demisse December 5, 2022

With over four hundred new freshmen this year, the hallways have been more packed than ever. From getting to class at 7:55 AM to trying to leave the school at 3:00 PM, students are struggling to navigate...

Getting Sleep is Getting Harder

Erika Lenhardt '23 January 6, 2022

Recently, St. Ignatius has made a change that caused discontent amongst students: changing the start time from 9 a.m. to 8 a.m. The resulting one hour less of sleep was disliked  by many, which brings...

A New Threat

Gavin Covalle '24 January 6, 2022

As our nation approaches the two-year mark for Covid, hope for the pandemic to, at last, end its prevalence. A brief, yet monumental, relief came during the summer of 2021 when Covid-19 vaccines first...

Tully Hall feels more packed than ever as the Wolfpack returns to school in its entirety. Courtesy of Daniel Bell

The Wolfpack is Back (and noticeably larger)

Ava Garibay '22 January 6, 2022

As many Ignatians, especially upperclassmen have noticed, Ignatius has expanded its student body to accommodate an influx of students in recent years. There are 388 students in the latest freshman class...

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Afghan Women vs. The Taliban

Emma Johnston '23 January 4, 2022

 Since the Taliban lost political power in 2001, the quality of life  in Afghanistan for women have drastically become more progressive. Women have been able to attend schools and universities but systemed...

Security Footage of a Carjacking this Spring

Chicago Carjackings Continue Rising

Daniel Bell, News Editor May 2, 2021

Chicago saw 352 carjackings in the first two months of 2021– nearly 6 incidents every day, and more than double the rate that has been seen in previous years. City officials believe that, if the current...

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