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Pfizer, the most Effective of the Vaccines Currently in use

Mass Vaccinations Begin, Signaling a Light at the end of COVID Tunnel

Coco Pietsch May 2, 2021

As we have passed the one year mark since the pandemic began, brighter days seem to be on the horizon. In Illinois, everyone age 16 and up is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, a protocol that began on...

Security Footage of a Carjacking this Spring

Chicago Carjackings Continue Rising

Daniel Bell, News Editor May 2, 2021

Chicago saw 352 carjackings in the first two months of 2021– nearly 6 incidents every day, and more than double the rate that has been seen in previous years. City officials believe that, if the current...

Coronavirus – One Year Later

Janean Edmond May 2, 2021

The world is celebrating the one year anniversary of the novel coronavirus. On March 13, 2020, the world as we knew it changed. Our favorite businesses were closed, no more school, and suddenly everyone...

Courtesy of The New York Times

The GameStop Short Squeeze

Daniel Bell ‘22 February 17, 2021

The financial world has recently been upended by the sudden and unexpected rise of the stock of GameStop, a popular video game retailer from 2000 until the mid 2010’s that has since been in steady decline. The...

President Biden’s cabinet picks
Courtesy of CNN

The Biden Plan: Unpacking Five Major Policy Positions for the Biden Administration

Joe Biden recently became the 46th President of the United States, and in doing so inherited a nation facing immediate and critical crises. A pandemic, a bruised economy, and an increasingly volatile population...

Graphic illustrating the new COVID-19 variants
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Mutated Strains of COVID-19

Emily Greenawalt ‘22 February 17, 2021

With the news of new COVID-19 variants circulating the globe, the scientific community is left with questions about the future of the virus and what to expect. However, the mutations came as no surprise...

Mike Madigan Relinquishes Role as Speaker

Mike Madigan Relinquishes Role as Speaker

Daniel Bell ‘22, News Editor February 17, 2021

The longest serving state House speaker and member in history, Mike Madigan, withdrew himself from consideration for the leadership position that he had held for nearly 48 years. In his place, his political...

President Biden’s First 100 Days in Office

President Biden’s First 100 Days in Office

Coco Pietsch ‘21, Op-Ed Editor February 17, 2021

After a tumultuous election season, 60 lost lawsuits, and an attack on our nation’s Capitol building, it’s official: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are our 46th president and vice president, respectively....

Courtesy of WBEZ Chicago

All You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Emily Greenawalt ‘23 February 17, 2021

Background Information on Vaccine Development and mRNA Technology After months of strenuous work from Operation Warp Speed and its partnership with trusted bio-pharmaceutical companies, the first COVID-19...

Kelly Loeffler(R) and Rev. Raphael Warnock(D) on the debate stage as the election approaches

Senate Control Falls to Georgia

Coco Pietsch ‘21 December 13, 2020

With the presidential election continuing to make headlines, many Americans have overlooked other election news. Georgia is set to have not one but two runoff elections in early January that will determine...

An election worker organizing recounted ballots in Marietta, Ga. Courtesy of John Amis for Associated Press

Breaking Down the Trump Recount Lawsuits

Daniel Bell ‘22, News Editor December 9, 2020

Following the narrow margin of victory in the key swing states of Wisconsin and Georgia, the Trump Campaign requested recounts in both states, seeking to overturn the result of one of the most controversial...

Courtesy of Charles Rex Arbogast for Associated Press

New Stay at Home Advisory Reflects Worsening COVID-19 Numbers

Daniel Bell ‘22, News Editor December 9, 2020

Governor Pritzker has announced a statewide increase in COVID restrictions amid an exponential increase in COVID-19 cases, which took effect on November 20th. The entire state will be considered under...

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