Third and Final Summit IVD Promises Personalized Experience

Eleanor Rossini

In 2015, the Vatican published Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si, meaning “Praise Be.” This encyclical focuses primarily on ecology and environmental justice. It also reminds humanity that everything is connected and that our choices can positively or negatively impact all parts of God’s creation. Humanity is reminded to be mindful of their surroundings and to take care of the planet, which makes all life possible. 

This year, Saint Ignatius College Prep’s third and final Ignatian Values Day will center around the Pope’s teaching. The Pope emphasizes the harmful impact of throwaway culture, a lack of basic human dignity, and increased consumerism on society. On March 15th, students and faculty will gather at school for a day of “dynamic, interdisciplinary interactive breakout sessions led by fellow students, adults, and external presenters,” writes Peter Corrigan in an email to the student body. Students and adults have put in more than four months’ worth of effort to make this great day possible.

The students, faculty, and the IVD committee are buzzing in anticipation of next week’s events. This in-person Summit Model IVD format has not been utilized since before 2020 which had been an annual tradition prior to Covid-19. The significance of this Summit Model is its unique capacity for each person participating to have their own personalized and remarkable experience. Teachers and students are able to sign up for two breakout sessions which cover a wide expanse of topics. Some topics include: fighting climate change, finding God in nature, moving towards a sustainable world, emphasizing ecology at Saint Ignatius, and focusing on St. Francis of Assisi’s call to action. Because everyone is able to choose their own two breakout sessions from the list of 31 options, everyone has the potential to have an experience completely independent of that of their peers. 

McKenzie Tomasik ‘24, a member of the IVD committee, states, “There is so much amazing student contribution for IVD #3 from a vast variety of clubs and student leaders. It is incredible how great leadership from all of Ignatius has united over such an important universal issue.” The upcoming IVD promises a unique and profound experience for each participant, so get excited Wolfpack!