Con: Lunch Outside


Students outside at lunch. Courtesy of Fiona Gawne.

Anabella Van Kempen '23

Ignatius students can all agree that eating outside is a gift. The field and bleachers are buzzing everyday. How could there ever be a downside to lunch outside? Ms. Lonergan completely agrees that lunch in the open-air is amazing, But in order to keep it students must address some issues. 

After speaking to Ms. Lonergan, she explained that a major issue is trash outside. Students leaving trash scattered around is not acceptable. Ms. Lonergan wants to see a culture built around respect for our school and the cleaning crew. 

Ms. Carney completely agreed and added that “We expect students to act as good citizens and excellent stewards of campus at all times. Eating outside will only continue so long as students leave these areas clean.” 

So what are cons to eating outside? Kids like it… It’s a change of pace… It’s a physical and mental boost during the day… 

Are there any? Well, garbage… That’s a con. Bees… That’s a con. Weather… Can be a con. Can’t hear the bell… A con (for most). A deterrent from a productive free period… What a con. 

But is there really a con to eating outside? You are probably thinking that these seem like minor challenges.  You would be correct.