Hello, Dolly comes to the McLaughlin Theater!

Alaina McGill '22

The Light Opera Works has returned to Saint Ignatius for the first time since 2020. This year’s production was “Hello, Dolly,” written by Michael Stewart and Jerry Herman. This lighthearted musical follows Dolly Levi, played by Barbara Streisand in the 1969 film, a charming matchmaker with the goal of finding a husband of her own. This show was packed with dancing, humor, and touching love stories. 

SICP’s choir is excited to be back onstage for the first time in two years. They spent the last month hard at work in rehearsals learning dances, memorizing lines, and perfecting their harmonies. Sebastian Alvarez ‘23, playing Barnaby Tucker, says “I’ve loved getting to rehearse with all my friends. It’s a really funny show, and I relate to my character a lot.” Meanwhile, the orchestra is busy learning all the music for the show. A live orchestra is one of the highlights of the Light Opera Works. 

The show was received with rave reviews by the audience, and the freshman girls choir is excited to perform Hansel and Gretel this spring!