A Sneak Peak at Modern European History AP

Elective Courses

Julia Perez

According to Sister Maria Canisius, “Students who love wild and true stories,” are sure to enjoy Modern European History AP. Starting with the Renaissance and ending with the Cold War, this class covers the development of Europe through periods such as the Reformation, Enlightenment, and Industrialization. 

Readers are sure to enjoy this class, with a packed reading schedule to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your textbook, and documents for you to annotate and analyze for homework. In class, get ready for notetaking and discussion, while Sister Maria Canisius also looks into the culture of the time with art and music. While it’s important to understand events in history and the development of nations, students also need to remember the people in history, which is done through role playing days. Students pick a historical figure from a certain time period to research so they can answer questions about their person while asking about other people in preparation for any upcoming tests. Magali De La Sancha ‘23 feels that “role playing is a more interesting way to learn instead of regular lectures. It just makes class more fun.” 

Of course, all the work done is to prepare students for the AP Exam, which will take place in the beginning of May. For sophomores who took APUSH, this class should feel familiar. Deven Rangaswami ‘24 states, “I already had a foundation with history in APUSH, and the two classes feel very similar.” Magali De La Sancha, however, is glad she took it senior year, “Compared to other classes, the workload is better and more manageable.” Any rising juniors or seniors who are up to take an AP course while learning about European history should consider this class when it’s time for course selections.